Creating change through human connection


I work with organizations, teams and individuals to create meaningful and sustainable change by enabling real conversations and interactions – where people can be individuals, connected and human.


Coach | Connector | Co-traveller

The central theme in my life is my fascination with human beings. With an MSc in Psychology, I first worked as a tour leader in South East Asia. Group dynamics, new experiences, new perspectives: all led to my career as a Leadership Coach and Facilitator. For the past 15 years I have worked for various industries and companies, including adidas, T-Mobile, British Petroleum (BP) and Unicef. My activities have always circled around the core similarity in all of us: we are all human beings.

I see life as a web of connections. Connections between people, within people and outside of people. It has become my mission to bring performance, people, relationships, head and heart together. I support individuals, teams and organisations in building better relationships through real conversations. I don’t believe in fixing it for you; I believe in helping you fix it yourself.

What I’ve seen during my work with individuals and teams in the corporate world is that – in our own ways – we all want to belong, we all want to connect and we all want to create, perform and deliver. However, when it gets difficult – whatever the reason – we tend to focus on the results and tasks only and we forget to connect or are not effective in how we connect. Through working with these teams, I’ve learnt how to empower teams to get “unstuck” and to create trust, clarity and purpose.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I use a wide range of proven tools and techniques based on Organizational and Relationship System Coaching (ORSC), Non-Violent Communication and Positive Psychology.

I’d love to be your co-traveller on your path of change.

I work with an international network of experienced team coaches and leadership consultants.

Team Coaching

I work with teams to create a high performance environment through human connection.

In my experience in the corporate world, I’ve noticed how we sometimes forget that we are people at work. Getting to know one another beyond our roles and tasks builds trust and leads to higher performance. As a team you need to know where you’re going, why you’re going there, and how; and to ask: Who do we want to be together? How can we create winning change together? How can we set up a team that is bigger and better than the sum of the individuals? Connection leads to higher commitment, engagement and performance.

Do you want to … ?

  • Enhance collaboration
  • Build trust
  • Work with an aligned focus and vision
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Celebrate and benefit from diversity (instead of it being a source of conflict)
  • Build quality relationships

I work with teams to:

  • create awareness and choice about how they want to be as a team
  • build a stronger team ‘glue’: what connects you instead of what divides you
  • create commitments on actions and accountability
  • enhance collaboration and communication within the team
  • maximise performance

My role in this is to travel with you on your journey of change. Curiosity, non-judgement and energy are my fellow travellers.

Leadership Coaching

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”
Albert Einstein

Throughout life we find ourselves in situations where we feel we need to change something. Coaching can bring clarity about where you want to go, how you want to go there and what’s holding you back.

Coaching will support you as you:

  • gain clarity on what’s important to you
  • create focus on where you want to go to
  • create an action plan on how to get there
  • take time to reflect, watch and wonder
  • seek new perspectives
  • build a new and more applicable life narrative
  • grow a stronger connection between head and heart
  • create choice

We sometimes simply forget that we have a choice. We do things automatically and we build narratives around who we are and what’s expected from us. We can’t easily get out of the loops we create for ourselves. We can feel that this behaviour is not helping us and yet we don’t know how to change it. Through coaching, you will gain more clarity regarding your values and what’s important to you, aligning you with who you want to be.