Selma facilitated a great session with our Board, greatly helping us give shape, form and clarity on our organization’s purpose, values, and how we as a newly formed group want to work together. She brought great energy, perspective, and really valuable frameworks to our off-site day. Thanks to her help and support we’ve remained well on track and been able to achieve our intended goals.
Lisa Dempsey, Board Member @She Dares

Selma lead and facilitated two team events over a period of about a year for the European ecommerce team of adidas which I was heading up at this point in time. Without a lot of guidance from my side Selma was able to very quickly access the situation with the team, adjust her program to any burning topic and showed a great level of compassion and flexibility. She truly knows what she is doing and impressed us with leaving us to own the outcome of the session while guiding us towards and outcome. She stayed in the background and let us find our way while a no point losing control of the dynamics. I highly recommend Selma as someone who can help any team becoming a high performing team!
Nikolas Stegelman, VP eCom Europe @adidas

Selma has this incredibly disarming effect on people.  She naturally creates a safe space for people to articulate their feelings in an authentic, but also very productive way.  I love working with Selma as a facilitator because of her pragmatic optimism! She really helped us breakthrough in understanding each other better.  It was a key mindset shift though- she helped us understand how our individual approaches and attitudes can create counter-productive misconceptions about each other as people, as colleagues.  It created a fundamentally positive shift in our team dynamic and a platform for open and constructive dialogue that we continue to build on today. That workshop was a game changer.
Meghan MacKendrick, Senior Director Partner Program @adidas

Selma is engaged and inquisitive. She is not satisfied only with face value and will accurately read and probe into my comments. She always does this in an open and non-judgmental way, so I don’t feel pressure to come up with the “right” answer but just how I’m feeling. She builds on this and tries different ways to connect the dots. Be prepared to move around – Selma loves to use the space where we coach so you won’t be sitting down for the whole session!

My coaching journey with Selma changed the way I not only operate but approach my work and my career. I still pull on the different aspects of coaching that help me with events and my daily operations. I won’t forget the work we did together – I think it will have a profound effect on my career long term.

Really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Selma. They were relaxed and with clear focus. I developed a better attitude towards change, became less defensive and try to be the captain of my ship and set course. She frequently asked me who I wanted to be as opposed of to what I would like to do. It helped me to remember what is important in life.