I support organizations in co-creating Leadership and Learning programs.

With 15+ years of experience in the Learning and Development world – I know that it’s essential to connect the dots when designing new programs to deliver a much needed change.

I support organizations in creating programs to enable sustainable change. We do this by connecting the business strategy, the people strategy and the intended change. Who do you want to be as an organization and how are you supporting your employees to be part of that? What’s the gap between future and present and how to get there? What do you need in order to not only create a change, but to make it sustainable?

Examples of some of my work:

  • Designing and implementing a global leadership program
  • Creating and implementing a global Growth Mindset approach
  • Creating toolkits for managers on how to build High Performing Teams
  • Designing and implementing global learning programs

My preferred approach is to co-create so that you can make a shift towards valuable and sustainable change. I strongly believe that every company is different and it’s therefore essential to use an iterative design process and use the feedback to re-design.

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