Team Coaching

I work with teams to create a high performance environment through human connection.

In my experience in the corporate world, I’ve noticed how we sometimes forget that we are people at work. Getting to know one another beyond our roles and tasks builds trust and leads to higher performance. As a team you need to know where you’re going, why you’re going there, and how; and to ask: Who do we want to be together? How can we create winning change together? How can we set up a team that is bigger and better than the sum of the individuals? Connection leads to higher commitment, engagement and performance.

Do you want to … ?

  • Enhance collaboration
  • Build trust
  • Work with an aligned focus and vision
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Celebrate and benefit from diversity (instead of it being a source of conflict)
  • Build quality relationships

I work with teams to:

  • create awareness and choice about how they want to be as a team
  • build a stronger team ‘glue’: what connects you instead of what divides you
  • create commitments on actions and accountability
  • enhance collaboration and communication within the team
  • maximise performance

My role in this is to travel with you on your journey of change. Curiosity, non-judgement and energy are my fellow travellers.

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